New iPad-only Tweetbot application launched: you’ll never miss a tweet again

For those who appreciated the original Tweetbot, the Twitter client compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, the people from  Tapbots have launched an iPad-only compatible app. The original iPhone application was also enhanced with a revamped timeline view ( you can now switch between your lists setting a main timeline), and configurable gestures. The native Push notifications help you never miss a Tweet again.

Everything is more customizable than ever: you can hide the navigation bar you never use. You’re free to save drafts, attach photos/videos, save drafts, etc. Services like Instapaper, read it Later and Cloudapp URL Shortening are fully supported.

Those who don’t have an iPad and want to upgrade their Tweetbot to the new version (Tweetbot 2.0), will appreciate the new useful features like: the  image thumnails in timeline, the fact that the links can be access by a single tap of the finger, the new “ReTweet By” toolbar,the new direct message view and the revamped New Tweets bar. The Tweet replies view is much more readable, the scrolling performance is way better, the font options include the Huge one, you can now tap on the links in the user’s bio. This version requires iOS 4.1 or later, while the iPad-only version needed iOs 5.0 or later.


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